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Java Testing Journey (JUnit, Mockito, Spring Test, DBUnit)

I’ve been asked how to write the Java tests recently, then I decided to demonstrate all the popular testing tools in Java world by going through a very simple web application. Let’s start the journey now! Prerequisite: I am using … Continue reading

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Ruby ==, hash VS Java equals, hashCode

We should take a look what equals() & hashCode() of Java did for us. We create a simple Java class first. public class Demo { private int i; public Demo(int i) { this.i = i; } } Let test it … Continue reading

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Iterator Pattern

In my opnion, Iterator Pattern is probably one of the most powerful design patterns in the word of programming. Why we need the Iterator Pattern? 1. It generalizes and simplifies the way of accessing elements. 2. We can represent a … Continue reading

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rubycollect4j – Ruby Collections for Java

As a Ruby programmer, I am fascinating by the friendly APIs which Ruby¬†array & hash provide. As a Java programmer, I am confident with the power and reliability it brings. I tried JRuby and developed few Rails applications. Frankly speaking, … Continue reading

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